Thanks for visiting. As we wrap up this year I would like to give thanks to all of you who have attended my classes currently and in the past. I wish you and your families a happy holiday and hope to see you in the classes before and after the Xmas. I’ll be away to celebrate the Xmas with my family on December 22-26. There’ll be wonderful teachers subbing the classes so, please continue your regular practice if you’re in town.

Please join me on January 3rd 2015 for the New Year Restorative Yoga Workshop at yoga of Los Altos. Visit yogaoflosaltos.com for more info and online registration. There’re a few more workshops planned for 2015 at Avalon Yoga and Yoga of Los Altos. Please check back soon.



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Janya, today was my 34th birthday and I went to your vinyasa class at Avalon. It was a wonderful start to a new year of life. Your classes always make me feel hopeful. I love your energy.

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