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8-Moon Yoga

The Waning And Waxing Flow Yoga Rituals

Written by Janya Wongsopa

Images by Asmita Runge


To my animal children, Moon, Jackson, and Watson

and my renewable solar energy, Eric


To the Moon in the men and women which transpires the body of my practice, ignites the creativity, and firmly roots me to the life of service

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This beautiful PDF book contains words of wisdom, dynamic yoga practices, and primitive sensual pleasures and rituals that allow for the direct experiences of the Web of Life, Spirit or Mother Earth. In addition, you will be treated with stunning images that will capture your imagination and give rise to the fertile creativity of your Moon. Your order will arrive at your inbox on October 16, 2020 during the new moon in Scorpio.

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Chapter One: 8-Moon Yoga Practices

The Waning Flow for Emotional Integration

The Waxing Flow for Creative Expression


Spiral Movement



8-Moon Breathwork

8-Moon Meditation

Chapter Two: Moon Phases and Your Core Drives

Chapter Three: Moon Signs and Your Core Needs

Chapter Four: Moon Houses and Your Core Values

Chapter Five: Moon Bounds and Your Social Integration

Chapter Six: Moon Nodes and Your Life Purpose

Chapter Seven: Moon Progressions and Your Life Cycle

Chapter Eight: 8-Moon Yoga Rituals


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