8-Moon Yoga Course


Moonlit Sapphire Yoga Retreat

Meridian-based Yoga

Meridian-based Yoga

  • 8-Moon Yoga Practice

  • Meridian Yoga and 12 Moon Signs

  • Meridian Yoga and Lunar Transit

  • Yin Yang Balancing Yoga Practice

  • Organ Meridians

  • Organs and Emotions

  • Organs and 11 Planets

  • Meridian Clock and 12 Zodiac Signs

  • Meridian Breathwork

  • Meridian Acupressure

  • Meridian Compression, Extension, and Mobilization

  • Active, Passive, and Dynamic Posturing and Stretching

  • Gathering and Tonifying Qi

  • Purifying and Dispersing Qi

Moon-centered Astrology

Moon-centered Astrology

  • Your Moon Sign, Phase, House, and Nodes

  • Is Your Moon Out of Bounds?

  • 8 Moon Phases — the Sacred Sexuality of the Feminine Powers

  • The Progressed Moon, the Lunar Return, and the Aging Process

  • 12 Moon Signs and the Subconscious Drive

  • Daily Moon Phase, Transit, and Aspect

  • Lunar Transit Essential Oils and Herbal Baths

  • Natal Moon Luminary Oil Blends

  • 8 Sacred Seasons in the Cycle of Day, Month, Year, and Lifetime

  • 12-Full Moon Ritual

  • 12-New Moon Ritual

Number eight has a great significance in the Chinese culture of my ancestors. It is generally regards as a symbol of abundance and success. It is an even number that represents the feminine, balance, and harmony between the material and spiritual aspects of our experience. 8-Moon Yoga is a reclamation of the inherent abundance and harmony existed in the wisdom of the feminine. This yoga course is a synthesis of multi lineages and disciplines—meridian theory, yoga, lunar phases, western astrology, and earth-based medicine. Like the Moon, we are complex and diverse. Integrating multi-aspects of ourselves requires looking in deeply and loving each and all parts—light and shadow fully.

Since 2010, I have studied and shared Meridian-based yoga utilizing the Chinese Medicine knowledge and practices. An extended period of mindfulness and insight meditation offers me a springboard for exploring the rich inner life. Meridian-based yoga focuses on the organ health that is our wellness from the inside out. The Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridian Clock circles clockwise. The 12 Zodiac Wheel circles counter-clockwise. They perfectly correlate to each other. As the moon orbits around the earth she comes into alignment and stay aligned with each of the 12 signs—the cluster of stars ruled by each of the 11 planets for 2 1/2 days. Each of the eight moon phases lasts about 3 1/2 days affecting our physical sensations and emotional undercurrents, and adds a deeply insightful meaning to the moon sign that can be related back to the state of the meridian organs.

Invariably, the moon appears in various phases during each moon time of about 28 days. While she revolves around the earth the Moon also churns the ocean of our emotional life and offering us complex and wide ranging sensations, moods, dreams, and desires. She is tided to our fertility and the cycle of our reproductive pleasure and productivity. She is the key to the kingdom through the womb and heart. With the moon orbiting and tiding to our daily minute-to-minute experience we are meant to feel the changing phases for our own needs, for each other, for our environment, and for all beings that inhabit the earth. A lifestyle that disconnects us from the Moon causes a broken thread that weaves through the consciousness and keeps us united within and together.

If you find some or all of the above difficult to grasp please remember that, like the Moon, life and you are complicated. The Moon teaches us to embrace subtlety and complexity. She supports quick assessments but does not believe in quick judgments. We all have some parts that are darker or brighter than other parts. To get to know the Moon, yourself, and other beings deeply takes patience, care, and compassion. For more reading on how the Moon has inspired me to offer you this program and how this course can offer you a healing path to health and wholeness please visit Moon Wisdom.

Ready to yoke? Read on.



Included in this 8-month program is the Moonlit Sapphire Retreat: The Yoga of Soulful Expression. The retreat focuses on how to put your practices into healing not just the world that lives inside you but also the world that you live in. Through the deep communion with your Moon body you will reclaim the natural powers that are your gifts to be received and to give to your family, partner, friends, community, and the world. I’m collaborating with my moon sister Asmita Runge, an Ayurvedic practitioner and a soulful moon-centric photographer to offer you a personal consultation through soul-expression photo session during the retreat.



The circles and the retreat are meant for us to immerse deeply in the physical presences and unplug as much as possible from the inflammatory lifestyle of high speed, extreme vibrations, and artificial connections. Each meeting integrates self-care and sensual practices through hands-on learning. Smart devices can be left behind. I will provide paper handouts as needed. And as much as possible we will spend time in my humble garden and amidst the simplicity of nature.

The Circles are Limited to 8 Participants.


Monthly Circle Dates in 2020:

New Moon in Aries: Mar 28

Crescent Moon in Taurus: Apr 25

Quarter Moon in Gemini: May 30

Gibbous Moon in Gemini and Full Rose Moon: June 2 - 9 — Moonlit Sapphire Retreat at Chateau Fengari in France

Full Buck Moon in Cancer: July 4

Disseminating Moon in Leo: Aug 8

Quarter Moon in Virgo: Sep 12

Balsamic Moon in Libra: Oct 10

Monthly Circle Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Monthly Circle Location: Janya’s Home Studio in Willow Glen, San Jose, California

Dates and locations are subject to change.

This intimate eight-month program consists of seven three-hour monthly meeting on Saturday afternoons at my home studio, unless specified otherwise, and Moonlit Sapphire Retreat: The Yoga of Soulful Expression. For those with the limited budget you can choose to participate only in the monthly circles but keep in mind that you will be missing a major component of the learning.

To register submit the payment below.

The payments are fully refundable on or before February 15, 50% refundable on or before March 15, and non-refundable after March 15.

8-Moon Yoga Course: 7 Monthly Circles
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