The Journey

Like many who have come to utilize the method, poor health and emotional instability brought yoga into my life. I started teaching yoga in April 2007 after receiving the 200 RYT certification from Avalon Yoga International, the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Panchakarma Specialist certifications from California College of Ayurveda, completing the 50-hour training in Somatic Psychology with Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, and 100 hrs of silence mediation at Sivananda Yoga Farm. Since then I have taught over 10,000 hrs. of weekly yoga classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats.

I am a faculty member of Avalon Yoga International who fosters individual’s unique learning style. My learning/teaching path is non-linear and multi-lineage. I continue to be inspired by many who have taught me, including Sarah Powers, Kelly McGonigal, Scott Blossom, James Baraz, and Adyashanti. My style is fluid yet precise. I emphasize individual’s body awareness and offer creative sequencing to all levels of practitioners. I integrate multi aspects of yoga practice including Pranayama, Mudra, Pratyahara, and meditation. My specializations are Flow, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Ayurvedic Yoga.

I grew up in Thailand where I was constantly uprooted due to the work of my dad who was a railroad engineer. I yearned for stability and was unhappy with the city life in Bangkok where my family finally settled long term. There, I turned to external comfort and recognition by working as a professional model and actor during the high school and college years before relocating to the United States. I garnered enough fame to become highly allergic to its distortion. After Graduating from FIT, New York City in fashion design in 1995, I worked for a few well known fashion companies in New York City including Armani Exchange, DKNY, and cK Calvin Klein.

By 2003 the fast pace-commercially success driven lifestyle finally took a toll on my body. I had no choice but to drop the pursuit of external happiness and crawl my way out of the societal spell and capitalist propaganda, and a failed marriage. Much like yours, my journey is filled with rites of passages — the opportunities to transform, learn, and grow from physical ills, deep losses, mistakes and blunders. Today, I live in San Jose, California with my husband Eric and our sweet mutts—Moon and Watson. Life is sweet and simple in the midst of complexity unfolding. The ancestral and cultural inheritances are a mask and a gift that unveil my core inherent values.

Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation help me create personal daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and life-time rituals that integrate and maintain homeostasis in all aspects of life. The creative gift these lifelong practices has given me is the skill to sit with and witness the transformation without reaching for sensory numbing substances of any kind and inflicting emotional and physical violence against myself or others. Instead, I honor the pain, the loss, and the unknown. By lovingly witness and embrace the body—this one and all bodies on Mother Earth I can trust what the body truly loves and actually needs, and live her cyclical journey to the fullest in the blessed flow.

Each of my classes and offerings is a cyclical journey of being, doing, and integration. I offer a focal intention which invites the participants to enter the unified field of intuitive, contemplative and embody cognition — to unite within and with all. My practice is guided by the feminine intuition that is the body’s natural instinct and I invite all participants to align with theirs. I hope to share the knowledge garnered and the wisdom revealed with those intending to maintain the outer balance through the inner harmony. Over a decade of teaching, hundreds of participants have graced, touched, and delivered me to the true home that is the heart of my yoga community. Please join the practice, share the inspiration, nurture the body, and delight the soul with me.