Full Moon in Aquarius: Personal Health through Social Responsibility

Do less bad.

Most everything we do everyday — eating, bathing, watching Netflix, driving, flying, shitting, etc are bad for the planet. I come from a long line of idealists who avoid using judgy words like good and bad. But the science is overwhelming — human doings are destructive to the earth and all that inhabits it including humans. As an Aquarius, which all humans are, because we live on the planet and receive the galactic influences from all planets and stars in our heavenly body or mind, you want to solve this existential crisis.

How to do less bad?

Like most people I’m affected by the social responses I get from any venue I channel my love and creativity, be it my yoga classes or my instagram account. Yet, you can’t realize your light in a glaring spotlight. You can only be a part of it. I’ve come up with a strategy—a mental narrative and a set of questions to find my personal health through social responsibility. Hint: It’s not just what we do but what we do with and to each other. If you act solely from mental strategies there is no integration between doings and being/loving. And if there is no being/loving in the doings then there’re only fearful or destructive behaviors. The strategies (yang) must be guided by the feelings (yin) and vice versa for us to do less bad and maybe even more good.

The waxing energy of the moon encourages social revelations. Some of us need to put our karmas and traumas out there (yang) so we can see them clearly while others need to keep them inward (yin) for better reflections. I’m of the yang tendencies and at times literally threw myself into the limelight (feel free to read my track record in the bio). Knowing your core drives, needs, and values helps you to realize your soul purposes and clarify your strategies for health and harmony.

Core Drives:

What I express is very much about my subconscious needs and fears. If my needs aren’t met then my fears overtake me.

What others express are very much of their own subconscious responses.

Hence, how others response to my creative expressions have little to do with me but everything to do with their own needs or fears.

Core Needs:

What are my needs ?

What nourish my emotional life, physical body, and expand my mind?

Am I focusing on fulfilling my needs or others’ needs?

Core Values:

Am I expressing my core emotional values which connect me to the web of vital life force?

Am I blinded to my core values due to the daily influences of the socially designed values?

Am I disconnected from my worth or the precious earth?

Soul Purposes:

Am I a pleaser, a rebel, or a responsible actor?

Am I expressing with love or reacting with fear?

Am I able to socially integrate without losing my healthy boundaries or simply health?

What are the common core emotional needs between me and my social group(s) that I can fulfill?

Can I fulfill my needs while helping others to fulfill their physical needs, nurture their emotional lives, and expand their minds?

Aquarius is the constellation of stars ruled by the planet Uranus. Any word implying the anus can trigger doubt, shame, or insecurity due to the social pressure we place on acceptable vs taboo behaviors. It’s a real shame. This literally causes toxicity because you don’t have the autonomy to release your shit physically and metaphysically. I find the science of language deeply impactful.

The stories we tell ourselves subliminally can either make or break us. And Uranus is here to personify the deep revolutionary change. Shit must get stirred in order for a smelly toxic system to get drained out or upturned and the new one that serves the current needs of the social system personally, economically, and politically to replace or mix in and eventually take over.

Symbolized by the water-bearer Aquarius spreads the love around and uplifts the cosmic consciousness. As the fixed Air sign Aquarius is inspiring, ingenious, and idealistic. If your Moon has her North Node in Aquarius like mine your soul purpose’s platform is to spread the philosophy of love and the power of community to the common folks you come to identify yourself with. Galvanizing behind an underdog you may end up donating to a political campaign led by a non-politician who preaches that only big love can overcome big lies, just as l’m doing. #mariannewilliamson

It takes a dreamer to initiate a new possibility. Aquarius natives are lucky in social love but perhaps not so lucky in the traditional heterosexual love or anything traditional and conservative. Your progressive vision and clarity serve all of us well to gaze toward the vast and future picture. During this Full Sturgeon Moon double down on your commitment to social responsibilities. Be the force of love and the cleanser of victimhood, unlove, and the feelings that poison your body and other bodies around you. Remember that this is once a year occurrence. Though you see the full moon twelve or thirteen times a year there’s only one full moon in Aquarius in a year.

Do you know that within a period of a month you get a new moon in the same sign (currently Leo) of the month and a full moon in the exact opposite sign (currently Aquarius) on the zodiac wheel?

The style, grace, and miraculous numerology inspired by the moon are enough for me to pursuit her wisdom for lifetimes!

The full moon in Aquarius uplifts all of us to the new height of cosmic consciousness. Ready yourself for the launch and let your intention and practice elevate your social life—friendships and community now and to the next year’s full moon in Aquarius. The fixed Air element of Aquarius connects to the health of your gallbladder, the nervous system, and the circulatory system which along with the liver organ form your energetic and physical defenses as a foundation of your detox system. They purify the body, clarify the mind, and give rise to clear comprehensions.

Moonlit Yoga Ritual for Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/14 - 8/16:

  1. Pour tea or another medicinal plant and drink it. The actions represent the symbolic water-bearer of Aquarius. To learn how to create your personal tea ritual and get familiarized with the yin asanas attend my next Yin Tonic workshop.

  2. Practice this Moonlit Yoga sequence for your gallbladder meridian, nervous system, and assimilation of oxygen :

    • Long Butterfly/Forward Fold

    • Sitting Swan

    • Sleeping Swan

    • Shoelace

    • Reclined Butterfly

    • Reclined 90 degrees Spinal Twist

    • 3 - 8 rounds of Sun Salutations if you feel there is a lot of energy that needs to be mobilized to find your flow

    • sit in meditation or lie down in Savasana/Corpse pose for 3 - 15 minutes

Also, If deep meditation is what you are ready for please check out my workshop—Samadhi: A Yoga Nidra Practice on Saturday, September 14.

Wishing you soulful health and purposeful happiness!

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya