Last Quarter Moon in Gemini: How to Elevate Your Service and Gain Self-Love

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Rabindranath Tagore

At the yoga studio the fall season has already begun. Folks are back from their summer travels and I couldn’t be happier. I’m at my best and serving the highest good while being a conduit or a vehicle for a group of people to take a transformative journey into their flows. My joy is where I can fully serve others while fulfilling my needs and affirming my self-worth. Every penny I’ve earned in the last thirteen years comes from the classes, workshops, trainings and retreats I teach through the affiliated yoga studios where my people come to receive my service and I go to receive love in energetic and physical forms. What are some of the qualities that can elevate your service while cultivating self-love and expanding into Self-love?

The last quarter moon is symbolized by The Saint which possesses the following qualities:

  • Compassionate

  • Tragic

  • Service-oriented

  • Ritualistic

  • Solitary

Which of the above qualities are you ready to express through your hard healing work inspired by the harvest goddess Virgo in which the sun enters on August 23 and remains until September 23?

How can you collaborate and share your work in the most authentic format that fulfills your needs, values, and desires, as much as it serves others?

These are the questions you may want to reflect and get clear right now, and set your intention for a desired career manifestation or life’s work from now to the last quarter moon in gemini of 2020.

Notice when you get too caught up in ideas and forget to relate them back to your needs and values, or the people who receive your service. Reflect on the connection between solitude, service, and self-love. This last quarter moon phase is on August 23 - 25. It’s the time to move inward to reflect on what you can let go while still being of service to others. Remember that saints do not exist without sinners. So, who serve whom?

The inward or yin phase of the last quarter moon is a perfect time to cleanse the psyche. It’s balanced by the busy Gemini whose orientation is more external or yang and prefers a bit of fun and game while extracting (or manipulating—one of the Gemini’s shady manifestations) and sharing information, ideas, and learnings. So, don’t miss the opportunity of this moon phase to release what doesn’t serve you or your people.

You can still be your productive self during this inward phase. The Gemini Moon in Virgo is here to utilize, concretize, and systematize everything on her path. All you need is a little saint-like behavior. Virgo does not rest until she discards all the spoils and shares the true bounty. Her sharpness focuses on organizing. Her gift is in systemizing her service into a clean and uncluttered form that reveals the essence of things.

This isn’t an optimal time to initiate new project or relationship, build complexity, or being singularly expressive. But you can channel your mental contortion—a Gemini’s specialty and creativity toward corrections and refinements which come naturally through the harvest goddess Virgo. As a mutable Air sign Gemini is adaptable, intelligent, and outgoing. It’s energy can help you complete your work for this moon cycle ending at the new moon in Virgo on August 30. Look out for the next blog around then for how to create a new moon intention.

Moonlit Yoga Ritual for Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on 8/23 - 8/25:

  1. Get organized. Keep a journal for your creative refinements and mental corrections. Invest in the We’Moon Journal to honor both the Gemini’s curiosity and the Virgo’s self-improvement. Journaling is a luminous way to orient inward and clear out the muck of negative inner dialogues. The journal will come in handy during the new moon, a week from now, when I’ll be sharing my special new moon ritual and practice on the next blog.

  2. Practice this Moonlit Yoga sequence for your stomach meridian to support your digestion, the nervous system (Gemini is an air sign and all air signs connect to the autonomic nervous system), and the brain:

    • Three-part Breath or Diaphragmatic Breathing

    • Anahatasana or Puppy

    • Dragon

    • Cat Pulling Its Tail

    • Reclined Saddle

    • 3 - 8 rounds of Sun Salutations if you feel there is a lot of energy that needs to be mobilized to find your flow

    • sit in meditation or lie down in Savasana/Corpse pose for 3 - 15 minutes

Before ending I want to elevate you with my upcoming retreats next year. If immersive Moon work to clear the chakras and transform fear power into love power is what you’re up for I hope you make some space to attract the things you need and value through my service.

Wishing you soulful health and purposeful happiness!

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya