New Moon Elevation: Virgo

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

Born on the Cusp of Beauty I could be a leisurely graceful Libra instead of a boring-introvert-hard working-nitpicking Virgo. It wasn’t until I took the moon seriously that I began to recognize the natural luminosity of the sun that is my Virgo sun sign. And what a world of difference it is to move from denying to embracing, contraction to expansion, and blocked to flow. The most important thing I’ve learned about the stars and planets is they all exist in and influence every body on earth. It’s not intelligent or practical to deny any of them. However, the things you deny most is also that which is most transformative to your soul learning and healing. The Virgo season welcomes you with a vulnerable energy of the waning and new moon. If you find yourself backtracking, thinking twice, define and redefine, clean and organize your ideas and actions you’re in synch with the moon. And that means your Sun gets to shine!

Your Moon is the emotional body that is most in touched with the core vibrational spirit that is your soul. She is right here next to the earth and in your fluid body. When your energy isn’t in motion it’s stuck in past drama and trauma and/or future fear. Emotional blockage is the inability to wax and wane, rise and fall, release and elevate. Yet, it’s a blessing in disguise. Because it makes obvious that which needs to be released. Virgo is the vanquisher of stuckness. She is the goddess of self-refinement. You can’t release your limitation or improve your flow to grow, learn, and expand without getting stuck. It heralds the dark night of the soul. You need it to know how to move forward. Hence, Virgo is ruled by Chiron, the planet known as the wounded warrior.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest Souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran

Night leads to day. How do you know you’re temporary jammed and not chronically stuck? Time. Anything that’s happening too long beyond its expiration date is a disease state. When you aren’t digesting or transforming food into nutrients your body cannot repair or grow. Same goes with your feelings. If you can’t digest your feeling it remains in your system and overflows as reactivity. You’re stuck in that particular flavor of emotion which colors the perception of your reality, influences your thoughts, and contracts your mind and heart. The first step of transformation is release. Healing begins when you stop downloading poisonous stuff—food, thoughts, and feelings — not because they’re inherently bad but because there’s an overflow caused by the blockage.

How to create time? Ritual.

The homepage of my website has the world “yoke” where you have to click to get to all the other pages. It’s a little space to slow down. Finding sacred time to cultivate sacred space is pure self care and soul nourishment. Ritual makes time. It gets you out of past trauma and future fear, and into timelessness where transformation can take place and yoking of the mind, body, and spirit or soul healing is possible. In this fast pace world, where anything you pay attention to is out to magnetize more of your attention and any and all of your time and other assets, ritual is a rebellious act and radical self love. You’re telling yourself that you’re your BFF.

Yoking is brining what you intellectually understand as ways to realize peace, love, and happiness into your everyday practical actions. It’s about transforming mundane activities into sacred acts of integration to feed not just what the mind or the body needs and desires but also to nurture the feeling and feed the vibrational body that is your soul. There is no better time to get into ritual than during the new moon in Virgo. She is the goddess of practicality and natural abundance. Over the years I’ve transformed many daily activities into daily rituals. I share them in my yoga offerings especially at the workshops and retreats. Below are a couple riutuals that will get you to slow down, re-set, and flow a little smoother.

Flow Cooking:

I use one small pot to cook for myself and utilize precise timing to eliminate as much time and environmental wastes—fuel, water and cleaning agent as possible. On a cooking stove with medium heat add butter or ghee into the pot; once the oil is melted add cut mushroom and sliced cabbage and cover the lid for 5 minutes; stir a little before adding sliced ginger and roasted chicken pieces with broccoli rabe at the top and cover the lid for 5 minutes. That’s it! The key to this cooking is to always cover the pot with the lid even when you heat the oil to heighten the heat thus speed up the process and safe the energy as well as seal in the moisture and flavors of the ingredients. When the heat and timing are right nothing gets stuck on the stainless steel pot. For many dishes I use the exact method and similar timing with slight variations depending on the ingredients. The process is simple and meditative; and it produces a nutritious and yummy dish!

The Virgo’s gifts are many. She is the Mutable Earth that is the force of flexibility, adaptability, practicality, and improvement. Besides her critical organizational skill she is the lover of lands and animals. Nature is her everything. It’s her health and her work which are her everything. My Moon is so inspired by her I will be practicing my new moon intention and wishes on her magnanimous qualities within 8 hrs of the new moon—Friday, August 30, 2019, 3:37 am. I clear away vibrational toxicity daily and on new moons and full moons, and commit to creating a special ritual and ceremony on my moon birthday (once a year), and the days marking my new and full moon progressions—every 15 years or so. All these rituals are ways I can appreciate my own company. They’re also how I make my company elevating to the love ones and all beings on the planet.

New Moon Intention:

Set your own new moon intention or use mine below for this new moon in Virgo. Don’t forget to revisit your journal and reflect on your transformative journey during the next year’s new moon in Virgo in 2020.

“I journey to the loving and nurturing lower world from the sacred power place to meet guided spirit(s) who can bestow the gift(s) from the goddess Virgo.”

The above intention is specifically for my shamanic journey to which I practice on each new moon. The practice is done with me beating the shamanic drum while consciously dreaming or trance meditating by following the sense experiences. It’s completed with journaling where I write down all that takes place in the dream journey. Often there are symbolic meanings that take me into a deeper reflection and healing narrative. I use Mystical Shaman Oracle guidebook and The Wild Unknown, Animal Spirit guidebook to help me interpret the meanings of the objects and subjects shown up in the dream journey. If you aren’t familiar with shamanic journey you may sit in reflection and contemplation of your intention instead. I finish the ritual with the new moon wishes.

New Moon Wishes:

  • Write 8 wishes related to the gifts of the goddess Virgo. Focus on work, service, self-refinement, health and healing, and nature’s bounty.

  • Take care to focus the wishes on the process that is about releasing your limitations and elevating your feelings to feed your spirit and expand your soul learning.

  • Be honest and true. If you wish for something or some state that you don’t believe in your powerful self will keep the wish from happening.

  • Remember that this isn’t about changing the world but about raising your vibration to meet the world that you envision yourself living in.

  • Once written, release the wishes into the goddess Virgo. You may want to burn the written paper during the coming full moon to affirm your trust and faith in the authentic abundance.

For a Moonlit Yoga practice of balancing the new moon in Virgo please come to my studio classes this weekend. For a weekly communal ritual join me and my yoga friends after the Saturday class. We share vulnerabilities, stories, and laughters. The ritual motivates me to keep my energetic body clean and open to the flow of love. I hope you have a friend or a community who motivates you to be the force of love and elevation for yourself and for all who flow with you.

Wishing you soulful health and purposeful happiness!

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya