Waxing Half Moon in Scorpio: The Rising Tide of Transformation


Welcome to the first post of Moonlit Yoga blog!

If you wonder what inspires me to share this brand new blog (the third or fourth in my blogging career) please read my Moon Wisdom. Life has a funny way of making me attend to what isn’t flowing and what needs healing, and I oblige.

I’m no astronomer or astrologer but I’m a lifelong observer of the moon and of my own subconscious—feelings and memories. I also love to observe the subconscious functioning in all beings and hugely curious about habits and mindsets, and more importantly how to see them clearly and transform them if necessary into health and wholeness. The practical mind and the spiritual mind are always one and the same. For practicality, I educate myself about astronomy and astrology. To remain true I attune to the unknown dimension. Between the two I hope to bring out the authentic reading of the Moon as a service to my yoga community and would love to give you a free session in a small Moon reading group.

The Waxing Half Moon in Scorpio started at 8:31 am pacific time today, though I’m still feeling the reverberation of the Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra during the last couple days in both the psyche and across the forehead as worry lines. The mutable Air element of the Libra can show up as hyper-sympathetic activities. I tend to hold the in-breath more which increases the fight, flight, or freeze responses. It manifests as tiny anxieties during the day and worrying dreams at nights. You can’t solve anything with worries, especially the anxieties. But you can channel the excess movement as creative energy and write a blog about it. So, thank you Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra for delivering the Moonlit Yoga blog. I hope the readers enjoy reading as much as I enjoy transforming the restless energy into this piece of art.

The cluster of stars we call Scorpio is further out beyond all the planets orbiting around the sun within the galaxy our planet earth inhabits. The planet Pluto rules the Scorpio and affects the light of the Scorpio stars as it orbits around the sun in 248 years. Their combined elemental energies get reflected on the Moon and influence the gravitational body, and especially affect the body of water on Earth and in human bodies. Scorpio sign represents the fixed Water element. This is the deep internal well within our wombs and our psyches. If your Moon Progression is completing its phase toward the full moon or the new moon in Scorpio like mine you are feeling the deep psychic transformation taking place and maybe yearning for more water in your life to completely submerge in feelings. Every yoga retreat I have done this year was at a lake!

Feelings are memories. I spent the month of July, while seven of the planets were in retrogade—the time to review, reflect, and eventually revise to move forward, diving into my feelings. Emerging from them are my childhood memories. Last Friday, I had a three-hour conversation with my sister about the memories. She didn’t remember any of my significant first and early childhood memories. Later, she verified my stories with our mother who confirmed all the events—places, people and activities in my memories to be true. I’m amazed by the deep water that holds so much of my feelings — a gift that soothes my nerves and clarifies my course of action at this time of life.

Waxing Half Moon or First Quarter Moon is when the moon is in a perfect half shape with its right side reflecting the light of the sun as she orbits counter-clockwise around the earth and making aspects with all twelve planets in the zodiac wheel which also travels counter-clockwise but much slower than the moon. At this phase the moon shows a perfect split of light and darkness while moving toward greater light. It offers both gifts and challenges. The momentum of the waxing phase calls your water or emotion to rise toward action or manifestation. Yet the light is half way seen and the moon is only in the first quarter of her full cycle. There’s much to feel through the murky dark water and you want to wade with caution while remaining flexible as you make decisions for the best course of actions.

During these couple days as the moon makes many aspects with the planets while transiting through Scorpio I am honoring my deep feelings and memories. They are my guides as I carefully lay a foundation for deep psychic transformation to heal past wounds and give birth to sexual vitality—reproductive, regenerative, and recreation. Pluto represents death, rebirth, deep and total change while Scorpio gives rise to occult and primal experiences. Scorpio brings to this Waxing Half Moon its sharp intuitive and instinctive focus to empower all things mysterious through perceptivity. The images connected to the Scorpio sign are scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.

Scorpio represents a healthy death of the phoenix rising.

You can stay in the rut and hold the grudges which fester the poison and sting others. Or you can transform your suffering memories and somatic traumas into the eagle eye precision to see what needs attention and care through releasing the hurts, heal the wounds, die and reborn into wholeness as the phoenix rising. Too many of my family members and others I knew died of unhealthy deaths. The organs related to Scorpio and the fixed Water element of Pluto are kidneys. If you’re feeling lower back pain like I’m feeling mine right now, it’s time to offer yourself a yin sequence that purifies/stretches and tonifies/compresses the kidney meridian. The kidney health relates to the health of the adrenals, ovaries, testes, urinary bladder and brain. These organs determine your quality of life in the later years leading to an unhealthy or a healthy death.

Moonlit Yoga Ritual for Waxing Half Moon in Scorpio on 8/6 - 8/8:

  1. soak or wash the body in warm to hot water

  2. recycle the water however you can (I water my plants, clean my #1 and #2 with it and more)

  3. if you have an altar, place a small cup of water on the altar and chant your personal message or use mine: May this water purify my heart, feed my womb, and transform my perception into pure love, Aum Ah We Ooh Men

  4. reflect on your first or early childhood memories through journaling or conversations with family members

  5. practice this Moonlit Yoga sequence for your kidney health:

    • Kidney Rub: make loose fists and rub them against the back of your waist at the left and right of the lower back where the kidneys sit inside creating a fast circular motion to warm the area

    • Sacral Rub: same as above but lower the fists down to the side of the sacra and toward the outer hip bones to rub around the sacroiliac joints

    • Dragonfly Forward Fold

    • Reclined Butterfly/Heart Opener

    • Half Dragonfly Twist/Forward Fold (over the straight leg)

    • Frog

    • Child

    • 3 - 8 rounds of Sun Salutations if you feel there is a lot of energy that needs to be mobilized to find your flow

    • sit in meditation or lie down in Savasana/Corpse pose for 3 - 15 minutes

If you are in need of a yin immersion and a regenerative time with some plant medicine please come to my Yin Tonic workshop this Saturday.

Wishing you soulful health and purposeful happiness!

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya