New Moon Elevation: Libra


September 23 was the Autumn Equinox and my Sun birthday. I celebrated the occasions with a camping trip. Time stood still. It was most luxurious to be captivated by the ocean breeze and clear night sky filled with bright stars and bewitching moon. The Milky Way looked so close I reached up to touch with my energetics. The favorite was greeting the Great Pyrenees mud whom I call Moon or my baby girl first thing in the morning. She was so happy in the wild open space. The little terrier mud, Watson, slept with me and my husband while Moon guarded outside the tent all night long.

Last month’s new moon in Virgo invited me to look into details, refine and improve. This month’s new moon in Libra is asking me to look at the big picture confined in relationships and initiate necessary actions to deepen the bonds and bring about equilibrium. How can I be in a relationship that elevate both my inner child and responsible adult? The camping trip was as much a personal time, unconstrained by external devices (only a toothbrush as seen above) or internal devises, as it was a way to initiate a deeper connection to the most important relationships that nurture me everyday.

Venus evening star rules Libra. Her opulent and magnetic qualities can be found in all of us and especially those with more Venus aspecting the planets, sun, and moon in their natal charts. A Venusian would perhaps suggest that each and all heavenly players have their influences on each and all of us. And that each of us is as vast as heaven and as varied as all the heavenly beings. The Libra season goes on for a month and ends on October 23. I will be setting an intention and making the new moon wishes to connect and receive the gifts from the Venus evening star during the new moon in Libra on this Saturday, September 28.

As the planets, sun, and moon make their rounds we go through our phases. We experience an initiation of a certain condition that gives way to its peak and peter out in order to transition to the next condition much like the summer just shifted into fall. Libra is the Cardinal Air. It initiates relationships and collaborations through symmetry and balance, yin and yang. Initiations inspire changes or movements toward the next stages. But nothing gets manifested into the physical realm without the master builder Saturn. Here are some helpful questions for you to reflect at this time:

  1. What need releasing in order for the hidden, suppressed, repressed, or quietly developed to rise up and be elevated to their worth at present?

  2. What need to change in order for the physicals and the energetics to align?

  3. How can I foster the current relationships and expand my interpersonal skills to co-create a life filled with beauty and equality through self-sufficiency, sustainability, and longevity?

  4. How can I build from my past experiences a life intimately aligned with my soul desires and purposes?

Saturn turned direct on September 18 after having been in retrograde since April 29. This is a worthy heavenly event to consider. This planet of karma, boundaries, disciplines, professionalism, and structures often shows its strong influences on our career ambitions and work ethics. If you have been feeling a bit floaty or your project(s) are up in the air and isn’t quite taken root yet there is a perfect timing for its true initiation and it is now. Notice how circumstances shift and re-align for you to settle into a new phase. The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly shifts are more difficult to detect. You can observe the ambitious Saturn more clearly during his (Saturn also represents paternalism and masculinity existed in you and all of us) return through your lifetime of every 29.5 years.

If you are in your first or second Saturn Return which is to say you are about 30 or 60 years old you may be realizing the effects of the Cardinal Earth or Capricorn whose ruler is Saturn either crumbling or hardening beneath your energetic feet. My first Saturn Return was more like an earthquake. It took all my earthly possessions and valuables which apparently weren’t mine to keep. It gave me the ability to re-build my life from the ground up — one which required my releasing of parental, educational , and society conditionings. The Saturn returned to re-direct and re-align my outer life to better reflect my Moon vibration—soul purposes, core needs and values.

The effect of Saturn is long lasting. It can take several years to shift and manifest the new and more integrated outer structure. Whatever I lost in the physical realm I gained back brick by brick through the guidance of my creative inner child who never lose touch with her innocence and her true north node. To get a clearer look at the Saturn Return through your lifetime and as the Saturn turns direct at this time I invite you to find your Progressed Lunation through the zodiac signs, especially if you are of the age between the first and the second Returns. The zodiac signs move from masculine to feminine to masculine, and so forth. Every 2-1/2 years or so our energies tend to shift from outward to inward to outward again.

Take a look at your new moon and full moon progressions which happen every fifteen years after the progressed years of your Moon birthday. They capture your state of development and learning over your lifetime. If your outer life does not reflect your soul growth there is a deep need for change that can be destabilizing and weakening. For example, my soul development during the first Saturn Return was in alignment with my Moon vibration hence, the earthquake. Without it I would not be able to move into the next moon progression. My First Saturn Return happened between the new moon in Libra in 7th House (internal movement toward beauty, style, and wealth through relationships and partnerships) and the full moon in Taurus in 2nd House (external movement toward sensuality and material stability through daily ritual, work ethics, and money).

Your Progressed Lunation is completely unique to you. It most likely contains very different energetic expressions from mine. Knowing it helps you focus and hone in on the energetic aspects and build your life from the foundation of your core-spiritual-integrative Self, one that will not crumble or break you physically when the second Return hits. Remember that health is homeostasis. It is our capacity to maintain balance through regeneration. When your outer life is out of alignment with your Progressed Lunation your Saturn has no choice but to break down the false security and the discordant visage. The question is how much breaking down and can you rise up like a phoenix or perish through the fire?

As a protector who presides over your 10th House of public exaltation he does not rest until you get your energetic house in order and pave the way for your north node of dharma or life’s work to reach those intended to receive your gifts. I wish you a soulful Libra season filled with intimacy and deep bonds in your work life and personal life. If you want to learn more about what I share above consider attending my Bordeaux, France women’s retreat next June. For a regenerative practice to help you establish equilibrium and homeostasis during the fall season attend my Yin Tonic for balancing the metal organs on Saturday, October 12. I will be sharing at the end of a beautiful yin sequence a lovely fragranced and mineral rich tea from the best intentionally sourced and highly ethical tea caretakers, my personal tea ritual, and a deep reflection on the meanings of autumn and how they can inspire and elevate life to the fullest.

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya