Full Moon Release: Pisces

If you took the time to practice the last new moon ritual this Friday full moon will be the time to release your last new moon intention. New moon is the time to connect to your deepest desires and visualize heartfelt wishes in order to manifest a new cycle of productive fulfillments—creative projects and loving relationships. Full moon is the time of releasing the old wishes and visions that no longer sustain you, creating a space of abundance to receive what life is offering now, refining whatever needed to sustain a life of health and happiness and bringing it to a completion before the next new moon. Everyone deserves optimum health and purposeful happiness. As the gatekeeper of the earth the moon receives and reflects the vital force of the universe. Ask and you shall receive. Release and you shall lighten.

Nobody can read your mind but the conscious universe and she is waiting for you to work with her, as soon as you know what you need to undo in order to do your precious life a solid. The moon cycle affects your Moon or the feeling body. Your subconscious feelings guide your thoughts and actions. Mother Universe does whatever you powerfully, heartily, or subconsciously request. There’s no place to hide your subconscious feelings. They show up all the time in the patterns of your speech and action. Any complaint without a solution is just more of the same bullshit problem. Any non-holistic short-term action is not a solution. It just keeps you chasing your tail (and screws up your skeleton and adrenals) for friends to see; so listen to the honest ones.

To work with the Mother Universe, aka Shakti, You must own all your shades which are your subconscious feelings existed in your shadow that is the terrain which cannot be accessed through thinking or analyzing. Parental and social conditionings create stuck feelings of shame, guilt, inadequacy, insecurity, and general human ego’s bullshit. To release stuck feelings you let them be felt in order to love yourself more deeply and unconditionally. Stuck feelings are conditionings. Like muscles they get tighter and more stuck when you reinforce them with your thoughts and actions. True release is real transformation or a shift in your patterns of speech and action from fracture and disconnect to healing and integration.

A couple weeks ago my friend Jonathan brought Kouzes Posner’s Values Cards to our circle. I quickly picked these five values out of thirty.

  • Wisdom

  • Growth

  • Creativity

  • Beauty

  • Health

In the past this would have been a long drawn out process. Thanks to the Moon Manifest, I’ve gotten much more intimate with my core values which allows me to release the historical and social conditionings I’ve inherited and continue to live under. The process is ongoing because the conditionings are constant. Each day I give thanks to my darkness. The huge shadow allows me to see all my shades, love all of them, and quit throwing them into someone else’s shadow; so the shades can transform into vital lessons or the light of love that elevates me toward unconditional love. The shades or feelings when unseen by unconditional love the healthy boundaries—the unique needs, desires, values, and gifts that guide my speech and actions to support my life force cannot be accessed; and I remain susceptible to the onslaught of external conditionings—past, present, and future.

The full moon in Pisces this Friday harmonizes the sun in Virgo so, you can utilize your organizational skills to find a personal system that validates your core values and allow you to express the qualities of your core essence. What a lot of people practicing or believing in holistic medicine aren’t aware of is that all holistic traditions are based on the cyclical rhythm of nature. They are based on the lunar cycle which is the foundation of numerology and astrology. When we practice Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine we practice living the daily life according to our circadian rhythm which is always interconnected with the daily, monthly, and seasonal cycles. This is the Piscean energy at its most balance state which is grounded on earth and is embodied. The Neptune planet rules the Mutable Water Pisces and is the symbol of spiritual awakening, dreams, unconditional love, and complete merging between the material and the spiritual planes.

The most balancing element to the Mutable Water of Pisces is the Mutable Earth of Virgo. Hence, during the lunar season of sun in Virgo we get a new moon in Virgo and a full moon in Pisces. It’s the perfect example of how yin exists in yang, and vice versa; and how yin and yang are always merged as tao when nature—you and your environment are flowing as one. Yet, most of us live in fracture. Although we’re intellectually concerned we do not FEEL the connection between our personal, environmental, and collective health. We enjoy discussing how to improve our healths and the environment but we take very little time to feel the body or nature. Connectedness is a feeling. Love is a feeling. As long as we don’t take the time to feel we cannot realize the constant yoking between our earthly bodies, the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

How can the Mother Universe give what we desire when we are too busy thinking, analyzing, and feeling numb, lonely, alienated, and powerless? The foundation for knowing our unique energetic core frequencies or subconscious feelings is through closely observing our feelings through the body-mind responses to the daily stimuli—intakes and outputs. Alternatively and perhaps more objectively we can look at our astrological natal charts with the focus on the moon aspects, as I do with my Moon Manifest system to find out the feeling bodies or the Moon constitutions. Ayurveda’s constitutional analysis proposes the same methods. We can observe the physical structure, habits, and symptoms or use astrology to find out our Ayurvedic constitutions. Some Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the most accurate read is through Jyotisha which is Vedic or Ayurvedic astrology.

My connection to astrology is lifelong. You’re noticing it now because I am coming into my Moon self and embracing my core values more fully. In the past, astrology was suppressed in my shadow because I mistook patriarchal knowledge as absolute knowledge. What we know about the brain, body, and nature is a speck of a tiniest speck in the universe. I can no longer live in this little speck of light when I am all of the vast darkness. This coming Saturday, at my Samadhi: A Yoga Nidra workshop, I will dive deeply into cleansing the subconscious with conscious loving awareness, and return the power back to the subconscious that has been in the shadow of parental and social conditionings. I will utilize my three principles—Release (yin), Elevate (yang), and Yoke (tao) which I’ve found to be most holistic and effective in treating my ongoing life conditions and resolving chronic physical conditions.

The practice aims at shifting the brain waves or energetic vibrations from beta (stress response) to alpha (relaxed concentration) to theta (meditation) to delta (Samadhi/deep sleep or unconditional state). When it is done holistically—cyclically or ritualistically yoking takes place and one experiences more and more elevation of the Flow State—the gamma brainwave spike inside of the theta oscillations. The workshop is my Full Moon Release offering. Please join if you can. Otherwise, I hope to see you in my weekly classes which I center the teaching message on Moon Manifest and offer Meridian based yoga sequences to align with the daily moon. However you spend this weekend I encourage you to align with the Virgo Moon in Pisces and live in your power of unconditional love.

Aum Ah We Ooh Men, and so much love, Janya