Moon Manifest

A Woman’s Wayfinder to Her Flow

The “charming” of the sun and moon to lose and recover their light refers to, of course, eclipses, and apparently the knowledge needed to predict them, including the ephemeris tables, originated with women, and with a female cosmology, dating far back into the Stone Age.

Monica Sjöö, The Great Cosmic Mother

Moon Manifest gathers eight aspects of your Moon—emotional core body and organizes them into a structure that directs your focus on the core body—feelings and vibrations. Traumas and fears are stored in the Moon. Moonlit Yoga composes of three principles—releasing fear, elevating feeling, and yoking the body and mind through supportive action. It nurtures the Moon by softening stuck feelings, and thus transforming the vibrational glitch from tension, dis-ease or disease to flow. The Sun—conscious awareness is your intrinsic luminosity. An unhealthy Moon isn’t waxing and waning. The five pillars of each of the three principles of Moon Manifest harmonize your Moon and Sun or yin-yang aspects. When your Sun and Moon yoke you live in your authentic flow and express love—in all of it emotional flavors, magnanimous thoughts, and purposeful actions.

8 Aspects of the Moon:

  1. Elemental Moon-Sun — Yin-Yang Constitution

  2. Moon Phase — Core Drives/Root Chakra

  3. Moon Sign — Core Needs/Sacral Chakra

  4. Moon House — Core Values/Solar Plexus Chakra

  5. Moon Node — Soul Purposes/Heart Chakra

  6. Moon Node’s House — Soul Values/Throat Chakra

  7. Lilith Moon: — Soul Desires/Third Eye Chakra

  8. Moon Progressions — Soul Cycle/Crown Chakra

Moon Manifest Yoga

For those with physical and energetic weakness or health condition it’s important to cultivate a strong Release practice before balancing with the Elevate practice.

The Three Principles of MMY

  1. Release (Yin) — releasing the fear that holds chronic feeling or trauma which drives unhealthy thoughts and actions

    The Five Pillars of Release:

    • Meridian Yoga — Yin and Restorative

    • Reflection — Mindfulness and Journaling

    • Dream — Shamanic Journey to the Lower World and Yoga Nidra

    • Dance — Slow and Slithering

    • Nature — Stone, Lake, River, Creek, Tree, Plant, and Animal

  2. Elevate (Yang) — transforming the vibration from frozen or inflamed to flow

    The Five Pillars of Elevate:

    • Meridian Yoga — Yang Flow and Breath-love

    • Reflection — Sound and Chakra Meditation

    • Dream — Shamanic Journey to the Upper World

    • Dance — Upbeat Movement and Shaking

    • Nature — Mountain, Ocean, Waterfall, Flower, and Sky

  3. Yoke (Tao) — cyclical, intentional, and purposeful action

    The Five Pillars of Yoke:

    • Daily Ritual

    • Monthly Ritual — New Moon and Full Moon

    • Seasonal Ritual — Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice

    • Yearly Ritual — Moon Birthday

    • Soul Cycle Ritual — New Moon and Full Moon Progressions of about 15 years