Moon Wisdom


Are you done apologizing for being emotional, illogical, or overtly expressive? Are you tired of being regarded as too critical, uptight or frigid? You are never not broken but your moon to moon living may be keeping you bound in a neat little package while you are the whole ocean flowing. The extreme swings can be disorienting. I used to wonder why, with all the yoga and meditation I have practiced and preached, I still felt the ups and downs of life so debilitating. Reconnecting with the Moon is like returning to my mother tongue before I was born. The right language offers an authentic course for each individual’s expression. I’m humbled and deeply grateful for having found the Moon language to express much of the suppressed knowing, yearning, and gifts.


We are all born knowing the Moon language. Her common name is Flow. Imprinted in the subconscious is the amalgamation of light and darkness, a confluence of all relationships through the life force of light and shadow that moves, changes, animates, and transforms all beings. Coming to my own original Moon language is like finding a long lost family secret. Everything makes more and clearer sense. Without the right language, the key to integrating feelings and actions, I was like a man but much weaker than other men and with little inherent values to contribute to the man’s world. All of us feel the gravity of life on Earth. However, our contemporary cultural values and social systems support certain bodies more than others. Some bodies are seen as superior—robust and intelligence, while some bodies are degraded, shamed, controlled, or owned.

The following passages may cause triggers in you. Please take deep breaths, address your sensations, and take care.

If you are living in a body with a vagina or a body that is not properly expressed as maleness or femaleness, or if you are seen as young or old, or if you live in a body that has a particular hue and brightness not valued by the social preferences, you are most likely living a more difficult life than those who have the socially and politically or legally accepted bodies. If you flinch, feel offended, triggered, or generally ill at ease whenever you hear the word—vagina, penis, moon, menstruation, blood, arsehole, anus, poops, pees, or any other word related to your roots—the sexual or reproductive organs and the elimination processes and organs — the right to life, your most basic energy that keeps you in the Flow has been compromised by your culture and controlled by the social system that adheres to its values.


The language you have inherited from your social system does not allow you to Flow. . .

“Because you are worth it” is one of the most successful advertisement campaigns because a large number of us including myself do not feel that we are good enough. We deal with micro-anxieties and depressions with hyper-consumption and hypo-social. We become spectators of life through the social media and news media without actually forging real social connections. We are too caught up in our coping strategies—distracting, hiding, and suppressing our sensations to revolt politically and economically through conscious consumptions.

Hence, the current head of the nation got elected because he was bold enough to speak his truth including belittling bleeding women. We are vulnerable to those who enforce the shaming culture for power and profit. “You do you and I do me” only works if the doings come from a place of connectedness and integration. It would only work if we allow ourselves and each other the space and time to process and digest the physical and emotional experiences. We need the dark phases to integrate the metabolic process so we can express the personal core values and act in accordant to our social responsibilities.


Keep in mind that the moon is not passive (she orbits Earth at an average speed of 2,288 miles per hour) and neither are us. Revolutionary changes are constantly coming and going. We are in the midst of a cultural shift that will be more difficult for the masculine attributes in the male bodies to strive unless their bodies belong to the exclusive elite club of the rich and powerful. The fact that there are more and more moon circles popping up everywhere, yoga is a mainstream physical exercise, meditation is an antidote to stress as well as a prevailing spiritual practice, and my offering of this 8-Moon Yoga course is just a tiny fragment of what is rising out of the collective subconscious.

The way forward is integration. . .

Whether you call yourself a man, a woman, or another symbolic name of your chosen, most likely your predominant inherent attributes fall more into one of your dual aspect—feminine and masculine. If these particular qualities which are your natural strength have been suppressed, misunderstood, or ignored it is more likely that there is a strong need for integration which manifests as physical ills, emotional traumas or excessive life enmeshments and dramas, and mental instabilities.

Without integration your body cannot restore homeostasis. Without healing, your ups and downs are not just the natural current but a tsunami of the emotional undercurrent that can overtake your bearing—the core values and beliefs that are supportive to health, happiness, and longevity. Instead of living out all of your phases—the faces of light and darkness like the Moon does with her steady revolutions, you have lost your Moon and all the love, vitality, and wisdom that come through relationships and integrations.


Integration, like health or homeostasis, is a constant rebalancing. It is a journey and not a destination. Even if you were living in a social system that supports your predominant characteristics, like the moon, existed in you are endless phases or aspects to explore, live out, and transform. You and the moon have countless phases and eight of the moon’s phases can beautifully guide you through the ups and downs of life into the deep water of your subconscious drives and yearnings for integration. Integration, unification, yoking, and oneness are all symbolic expressions of we-moon’s need to live as an individual in the dualistic reality, relativity, or relationships. The moon, in revolving around the earth, is the gatekeeper. She is the foundation of all relationships. 

The “phrases of moon tell us nothing about the moon herself, or the position of the moon in the sky. They refer only to the state or the position of relationship between the sun and the moon . . . what changes is the solar-lunar relationship, rather than the moon. The moon only reflects in her appearance to us the changes the relationship.” Dane Rudhyar

Moon-based astrology is a culmination of my lifelong fascination for the unified field beyond the head level extending upward into heaven, outward into all beings, downward into the soul of the earth body, and inward into the deep water of my womb. Much like the ecliptic sphere of the earth’s evolution around the sun and the moon’s orbit around the earth that pulsate together through their core stillness and outward movements, complexity and emotional intensity through relatedness—within and with others have magnetized me throughout my life. My graduation portfolio for completing the fashion design degree from FIT in 1995 was aptly titled “The Women In A Woman”. It was clearly unmarketable for mass-commercialization but it shows the innate knowing of the countless phases and aspects in the feminine.


Every star in the sky can shine their light to her and every planet can absorb and influence the light she reflects from the stars and the sun on Earth. Through her, our inner lives —  dreams, past and future hopes are illuminated. Through her, we can realize the faith written in the stars and the dreams we are here on earth to manifest and contribute through personal evolutions. Like a mother giving birth to a child, the energetic chord of the moon and earth is never separated. A mother continues to orbit around her child. Her love and hope feed the child physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She circles, supports, softens, seals, sifts, separates, soothes, submerges, sinks, and instills in us the same hope and love for ourselves and all beings on earth and beyond. She is our true soul salvation — the sprit that weaves through and yoke all of us.

“Native Americans, for one obvious examples, were completely nonplussed by the utilitarian European attitude toward the land and the animals. The white man seemed to have no sense of unity. Incomprehensibly, he seemed to believe he could buy or sell the land! He seemed to have lost touch with his Moon.” — Steven Forrest


Commercialization, industrialization, institutionalization, and standardization of materials—physical and energetic are not my strength. Like my Native American maternal ancestors, I am nonplussed by the emotional, mental, and physical manipulations and egregious utilization of any and all bodies—planets, lands, plants, and animals including humans without concern for sustainability or reverence to the sacred connections. 8-Moon Yoga is a call for the feminine in all of us to rise and restore peace and prosperity on earth through radical and active love. It is a special call to the women who are ready to receive the gifts and power bestowed in the womb and  heart before we were born and which will remain after our bodies have passed.

The magical realm is the realm of effortless effort. There is a deep force that mobilizes your creativity, imagination, action, compassion, and generosity. You are here on Earth to live this force. The life force supports and lives out herself through you in effortless effort when you allow yourself to flow with and not against the force. The force is the tide that binds you to the rest of the life force that lives herself as each and all beings. Her common name is Relationship. Without relationship there is no movement of light and shadow and vice versa. Without relationship is without discussion, evolution, transformation, wisdom, love, or living.


There are all kinds of relationship—internal and external, above and below, center and all around. All relationships are magical once you open yourself up to the various phases of yourself and others. The synthesis of Meridian-based Yoga and Moon-centered Astrology covers the whole range of a person’s unique Earth-Heaven, Yin-Yang, or Shiva-Shakti body. Freedom is found through boundary and limitation as a result of healthy relationships. The moon is bound by the earth yet from time to time she goes out of the ecliptic sphere—the solar boundary on Earth to find her full range or swing around the earth.

In the same fashion, Moonlit Yoga is a practice of discovering and honoring your full range or phases that allow you to flow in perfect equilibrium within and with all. A full range means that you live out both your light and shadow. You no longer need to constantly be in the glaring solar light in which the current social norms—technology and spirituality are constantly pulling you toward. Like the moon shielding the earth from the intense sunlight during the balsamic moon and new moon, your shadow—the dark time and the space to rest and regenerate, to dream and create is here to shield you from the daily stress and inflammation. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a holistic practitioner or a neophyte who has an affinity with whole health and vital Earth, I hope you can take on the gifts and powers of your Moon and orbit in your magic circle with me.