The daylight saving time brought several yoga attendees to my classes last weekend. I also offered a restorative workshop on the Saturday, the day before the daylight saving. Many showed up to rest, ground, and surrender to the practice I joyfully shared. My teaching last week was dedicated to the meaning of beauty. I have come to equate beauty with the inner security. It is the home ground in which long lasting and fulfilling relationships spring from. Beauty adheres us. We want to be with one another and in a certain environment not just because they are beautiful but because they make us feel secure.

Deep beauty is not the matter of taste. Many tasteful people who create and surround themselves with exclusively beautiful things do so in order to stabilize their inner insecurity. Excessive insecurity leads to unending search for beauty outside ourselves. We end up putting someone or something on a pedestal. In trying to see the shininess of a thing outside ourselves we dim our own light. Commitment is a manifestation of security. A secure person is a flexible person. A rigid idea of what is ideal is a way of negating the beauty in others. We naturally gravitate away from insecure people because we feel endangered around them. When we are deeply insecure we avoid most people and most intimate relationships.

A secure person can meet and greet anyone with an open heart and mind. The feeling that life is missing something is because we are dodging it instead of going forward with it. Life is all about relating to everyone and everything. Each day, I try to get in touch with the innate beauty of all things and appreciate the great symmetry and coherence beyond my limited ideas. When we are in a presence of a truly secure and kind person we feel safe and can be fully ourselves. This has a multiplying effect. I invite you to take time to nurture your nature, cultivate the integrity within, and relate to others by appreciating their unique beauties. You can touch someone deeply when you allow them to touch you deeply. No matter what happen after the election today, we will always need each other to lean on and learn from. It's a beautiful process.