The thirst for knowledge is satiated by the rain of wisdom condensed from the flame of intelligence burning off the cloud of ignorance. Plato has me convinced. Truth is beauty and beauty is goodness. This past week I did an exercise on life's principles. Instead of setting them as goals to achieve -- Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are reminders of innate experience already existed. Truth is an unending evolution. Nothing is more permanent than change. Truth is current. Facts change over time. Rigorous scientists search for knowledge by expanding and or deviating from the existing theories, and sometime proving them wrong. 

Being a man of truth da Vinci's paintings are realistic. Yet, being a man of beauty his paintings contain the luminosity very much uniqued to his humors. To this day a great number of people continue to be inspired by his works, thoughts, and techniques which exemplify human greatness. Their longevity proves usefulness. I try to follow the same principles in preparing my yoga lessons. A technically sound body movement and sequencing requires the factual knowledge of human body. The beauty and grace in which it is choreographed emanate from my unique sense of symmetry and harmony. Goodness is a result of an individual following his/her truth and beauty to the fullest.

I did a diagram to further integrate the principles into the details of my everyday living. Under Truth, I wrote down several subjects I'm passionate to learn -- eastern and western philosophies, anatomy and physiology, holistic health modalities, anthropology, economics, politics, gerontology, psychology, and sociology. Under Beauty, I included the visual arts, home, lifestyle, travel, and yoga lessons. Under Goodness, I submitted the life-partner, family, yoga teaching, friendship, environment, finance, and writing. The exercise is a work in progress, as I continue to embrace all things truthful, beautiful, and good through the clarity of their opposites. Do you have your personal life principles?