The yoga studios were bustled with familiar and new faces joining my classes during the first week of the year. I also taught a yoga workshop last Saturday. It was a joy to see many returning attendees from the past workshops. Last week's teaching focused on clearing the path and forging a personal vision for the year ahead. This being the springtime of the cycle--the new beginning, I offered the practices centering on the wood element housed in the solar region of the body in the liver and gall bladder. The health of the two organs, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, connects to the health of our vision--physical and energetic. When they are healthy they support our ability to forge the personal path and avoid being put off by external influences. Maintaining equilibrium while moving through new and unknown territories takes tremendous coordination and digestive/transformative strength.

The liver is the body's primary chemical factory. Together with the gall bladder it transforms the heaviest food stuff into the substance the body can absorb or eliminate. The liver is known as the detox center. Any substance which cannot be broken down by the other organs eventually get processed here. Overtaxing the liver and gall bladder with inappropriate substances causes body toxicity. Without discernment we can easily ingest too much, too many, or the wrong things. Where the eyes go the mind flows. Mental transformation needs the right amount and the right type of sensory stimuli. Overtaxing the mind with unnecessary or harmful information causes mental intoxication/toxicity. Material things, including our bodies, have characteristics unique to their individuality. What found to be poisonous to some are found to be medicinal to others. Knowing what is the right amount or the right thing and what to avoid requires a personal vision. 

Dreamers imagine while visionaries build. Visionaries use their imagination as well as the current physical condition and limitation to inform the next consequential step of their action. Visionaries have the ability to be constantly informed by the current action allowing it to refine and define their vision. They also possess sensory discipline to direct the action in order to refine and define their current physical condition. A mosquito bite propels the desire to itch. If you follow the immediate gratification you scratch the skin and delay the healing. "If the door of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is -- infinite." -- William Blake. Infiniteness is unbroken connectedness. If your future vision is happiness, let your present action be contented. If your future vision is prosperity, let your current action be fulfilling. If your future vision is health, let this momentary action be full of ease. If your vision is all three, let your action balance each.