All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a Love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.

- Hafiz (Hafez)

Several of Hafiz's poems touch me deeply. The above was a hit when I shared it during my classes last week. Inviting the participants to see themselves as the sunlight of consciousness, I implored them to explore the love that can light up the entire being. At the deepest and most subtle consciousness during a deep sleep we get in touch with the primordial intuition, instinct and primitive desires. During a dream we get to release the deep emotional fear and suppressed desires. While awake we connect to the external world of the six-sensory consciousness -- the seen, the heard, the felt, the tasted, the smelled, and the thought. Awareness integrates thoughts, emotions, desires and intuitions. We can consciously release the threefold tension--muscular, heart, and mind, and allow the sunlight of consciousness to breathe life in to them.

The Earth would die. If the Sun stops kissing her. - Hafiz

The will power is the capacity of personal coordination. Miss a beat and you are out of the rhythm. Being out of the rhythm creates unnecessary frictions and loss of energy. Rhythm is clarity. In everything you consume through the six senses know what, who, where, when, and how much. Allow the knowing -- the sunlight of awareness to give life to your entire system. My day consists of blocks of time to engage in complimentary activities that harmonize one another. Observe your personal rhythm -- the patterns within rest and sleep and the patterns or habits within the waking hours. Devise a plan and experimentation to make your life less fractious and more harmonious. Time isn't something you are given. If you focus on what you don't actually care then you don't have enough time for what matter most. The way you spend your time is how you care and love. Time doesn't make you. "You make the time" is my mantra. 

Privately, I narrate myself as the second-person. Being both the one who looks out for yourself--yang and the one who looks into yourself--yin is a rhythm. It isn't just a metaphor. Rhythm is a physio-psycho-spiritual music. Writing, dancing, and teaching yoga are how I rhyme my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and intuition to create a music uniquely mine. Morning is the springtime of day and my most productive time. So, I wake up as early as possible, which requires my going to bed very early. First thing in the morning is reflection -- connecting to the inspiration from the dream state and the intuition from the deep sleep. I sit quietly and write. Then it is time to connect outward through reading and I put on Bach's music. When the body feels a bit stiff or cold from sitting still I put on my dance shoes and move with the music very slowly. Then I repeat the process a few more times on my days off in the morning and afternoon but with more (and more) upbeat musics and stronger and faster dances.  Like the sunrise and sunset I find my personal rhythm--downbeats and upbeats.

I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, 'love lifts me.' - Hafiz

And with a love like that, we can lighten, brighten, and enlighten our whole being.