Courageous Heart

"The infinite source is an infinite dynamo, continually pouring strength happiness, and power into the soul." -- Paramhansa Yogananda

The practice theme throughout last week was the thoracic spine and the organs it protects inside the ribcage. The chest cavity is the reception and distribution center. The heart circulates the blood flow. The lungs digest the atmospheric food and promulgate the energetic nutrient through the blood while eliminating waste with each exhalation. The stomach, as well as the spleen and pancreas behind it, are the first line of the digestive tract receiving and passing on the digested food. The liver and the gallbladder below it further digest and detoxify the food into nutrients the body can absorb and eliminate. Without the ability to receive and take in the experience there is no capacity to transform. The dynamic source of vitality enlivens the senses and mind, and feed the body through the sensory and mental stimuli. As physical beings it's pertinent that we have the wisdom and skill to ingest the right things at the right times in the right amounts.

Courage is both humility and bravery -- knowing the physical limitation while expanding the possibility. The theme was fitting to the Veteran Day. The longer we live the more vetus (Latin root word of veteran) we are and the more internally vetted we become, unless we lack humility. When I see someone like the POTUS romanticize the "good old days" I question their transformative power. If their best days are in the past they have no capacity to grow into the future. They try to revert back to the time before World War II, Roe v. Wade, and carbon footprint & sustainability. Fortunately, no matter how powerful one is, even when he has both the House and Senate, nobody can change time. Time is here to change all of us. Are we courageous enough to change with it? History isn't kind to the people who can profit from humanity but cannot transform their minds and allow their hearts to embrace diverse human stories. Humility is knowing that none of us are powerful without the infinite source that is an infinite dynamo. A powerful person is a dynamically evolving person within and with all. 

These days I rejoice in small human transformative victories. I cried when I read about the special election last Tuesday, the abused French laundry workers winning the lawsuit, the women coming out to face their sexual predators, and more. I cried and I said to them and to myself "good for you, Good for All of Us!" Frictions and challenges allow us to grow muscular and mental strength by stabilizing the energy in motion (emotion). When there is no deep intention no matter how much attention one gets he cannot receive or process it. So, he keeps trying to get it from the most superficial sources like the social and news media. Yet the energy is stuck in the head so, he has to talk and tweet nonsenses just to get his emotion out in order to take more superficial energy. There is zero perspective because there is no internal digestion and transformation and none is the wiser -- trash in-trash out. Yoga postures such as Camel, Wheel, and Bow poses allow the chest to receive and distribute the emotional vitality. Yin poses such Seal and Cat Pulling Tail keeps your shoulders, chest, and Thoracic spine supple. Constricting the sensory organs, throat, and chest muscles instead of pulling the vital strength into the gut, glutes, and legs causes the energy to go into the head literally and metaphysically. Stay humble my friends. See from the mind that is wide open. Speak from the gut that isn't craving. Act from your courageous heart.