"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. All is a riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maya Shakti is the universal dance that constantly generates daily scenes in which we act deliberately and subconsciously. We're a play in progress and adventures of lifetimes. An adventure is a dive into the unknown. There is no guarantee we will like the journey but there will sure be lessons to learn and life to live. On that note, I'm co-creating a reality in which I deem worthy of wholeheartedly participating. As this year coming to an end I'm feeling the shift in my psyche. My body and heart are like a seedling that sends new hope and inspiration to the mind and through the senses. I'm honoring the process by re-designing this website and re-focusing my intention on the journey I'm ready to explore forward. Along the way, I hope to deepen my practice into the soul, gather inspiration to expand the heart, care for myself and others to heal and vitalize the body, and explore the great wide world to open the mind and energize the senses.

All around I find inspiration. Talking to my sister who lives in Thailand this morning I was filled with joy for her success. She took a dive into the unknown four years ago by quitting her job to open a hostel in Bangkok. It was risky and for four years she was in a constant stress. Now her business has expanded at a stable rate. Her finance is under control. She's confident and hopeful, which is her natural state. I've always known she would be a successful entrepreneur because it is in her nature. She had never been any other way but excellent in her dealing with physical matters be it money or people. I had encouraged her at the beginning and continue to support her emotionally and materially. It's of no risk to me, because I can see clearly that she is on "the" adventure of her lifetime. There're challenges now and ahead but she's enjoying the journey, expanding the knowledge, and loving the life she intentionally lives.

I'd love to be as great as my sister at organizing finance and working with people. But I have my own adventure to live and learn. Last Sunday evening I sent out an email to update the women who've committed to my book project: Women in Yoga. I told them that I had no energy to invite sixty more women to complete my initial vision of the book. However, I have enough material from them and the ten years of my teaching to write a yoga practice workbook. I felt a tremendous relief as I admitted to myself and to them that I wasn't on the right adventure and it was time to turn to another direction. As I organized the parts and chapters of my new book project: Yoga of Intention yesterday I felt at ease physically and creatively. Had I not dared to plunge into Women in Yoga I would not have garnered the inspiration from the women who took the plunge with me. I'm ready for the next adventure and I hope you join me in practice, inspiration, self-care, and travel. #nextstop is Yoga Light Thailand!