"Fear is excitement without breath." - Robert Heller

After finding the library app called hoopla I've been listening to many wonderful books for free. Auditorial concentration, both listening and speaking, suits me best. Currently, I'm listening to "Cancer is Not a Disease!" by Andreas Moritz. The most profound learning is a dismantling of a common, conventional, or widely accepted knowledge in an analytical, scientific, and holistic measures. This book offers me just that. Also currently reading is "The Science of Yoga" by William J. Broad. It was a controversial book in the yoga community when debuted a few years ago, as it "offers a riveting, much needed, clear-eyed look at yoga mystique." - Daniel Goleman. When teaching a yoga training I invite the trainees to learn as many perspectives as possible. I teach what I know and the knowledge is ever expanding. Learning is the power to discover. When you are fearful you cannot learn something new. You resource to the past familiarity and convention.

Early in life I found that many authorities were neither decent nor intelligent. I grew up in a beautiful but patriarchal-nationalist-military ruling country. The current White House brings back memories. Life under dictatorship is filled with fear--secrecy and subversion. People under an authoritarian ruling feel powerless. Human conditions are objectified as good or evil to suppress free thinking. Wars are for eradicating evils. We have wars on crimes, drugs, cancer, diabetes, poverty and so on. The fact is we can't have good without bad. Without discovering the root cause of ills, the wars are constant and fundamentally ineffective. Aggression is a symptom of fear and neither heal nor cure. Fear contracts--muscularly and mentally. To be powerful is to have both the capacity to relax and let in the food for thought, body, and emotion, and the ability to let out--lead and inspire. True power and real knowledge transcend both good and bad. They turn bad to betterment and good to greatness.

I'm prone to rebelling against authoritative sources. This shows up daily from the way I teach yoga to how I conduct my household living. It's a power struggle. My task is to be mindful of ways I contract around the people and processes I perceive to oppose my unorthodox idealism. Thanks to my upbringing, I'm subconsciously on the Alpha and Omega--Do or Die mode. Yoga and meditation help balance the hard thinking and hard working with sensing and feeling. Fearlessness is only powerful when people feel safe around you. Power is both a sharp mind and a soft heart. The entire body is constantly learning -- transforming through shedding the old cells and building new ones to adapt to the current condition. Neural connections are formed throughout life as the brain adjusts to the environment, behavior, thinking, and emotions. To be as powerful as your nature is to contain everything and hold nothing. Excitement without breath is fear. Excitement with breath is pure power.