From within or behind,
a light shines through us upon things,
and makes us aware that we are nothing,
but the light is all. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This past Saturday concluded my yin training at Yoga @ Cindy's. Teaching each 5-hour session of the 4-part series was challenging and invigorating. The sense of fulfillment I get every week from teaching yoga is the biggest motivation to wake up everyday and do everything in my power to keep it going. When I told the familiar and new faces in the Flow class yesterday what an honor it was to have them joined me, I really meant it. Each week, I experience the up and down of the attendance. People come and go. My desire to keep showing up remains. Feeling productive is a strong drive since I remember myself to be. Even when I'm resting and daydreaming they're done for the purpose of maintaining productivity. It's the reason why I'm constantly on a self-improvement mode. Sure, everyone and everything is already perfect, which means that the individual's drive for inner metamorphosis too is perfect.

My definition of productivity is an action that feeds and nourishes both the actor and reactor(s). Without the nourishment we're just running busy chasing our tails without actually completing a circle of life -- giving and receiving. Giving without receiving leads to physical burnout. Receiving without giving leads to creative or psycho-spiritual burnout. The right physical conditioning and mental transcendence are necessary within an evolving life if one wants to remain productive. Outwardly, I've been doing the same thing for the past decade. Inwardly, everything I'm doing is the product of an evolving inner condition. "Research published by American psychologist Martin Seligman suggests that self-discipline, not self-esteem is a more useful and fulfilling way to live. In other words, putting effort into what you do and how you do it, rather than pinning for external recognition, is a better path to the good life."

The right condition keeps the inner fire glowing without burning out too soon. The capacity to steady the wind that is the physical and mental movement impacts the level of productivity. Since we have little control over the external subjects, our ability to influence positively depends largely on the capacity to manage our personal condition. The other day, a friend called me stoic. I was surprised as I've always seen myself as changeable like a chameleon. Yet it was a true statement. A chameleon sticks, literally, to its present environment through internal adaptation that can be seen externally. I am grateful for the healthy attachment to help others improve their experiences even if it's just for an hour and a half. And I'm thankful for the healthy detachment of the outcome of my action and the faith to continue through life's ups and downs. The body-mind is the filter of light-energy. The clearer we are the brighter the light. The longer we burn the more productive we become.