"We are all gardeners, planting seeds of intention and watering them with attention in every moment of everyday." -- Cristen Rodger

The greatest imagination is a clear perception. Over the decade long teaching I have accumulated several notebooks filled with my yoga class plans, illuminating quotes, and daily musing. These notebooks serve to remind, motivate, affirm and inspire both the teaching and living. The first step to clarify my thoughts is writing them down. The step I take before doing something as important as solidifying the thoughts into the action of writing is centering the mind by returning to the simplest act of breathing. To solidify is to put the past together in a succinct manner and move forward with integration. Without an inward attention or the intention to focus and clarify I could be going the wrong direction.

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." -- Mark Twain

The future self relies on the present self to do the right thing, breath by breath. Every action has a reaction. As I center the mind on the breath and find a comfortable rhythm in its flow I clear away sensory distractions and direct the thoughts toward what, why, and how of the past and future actions through the flow of writing. Intention is inward attention -- the discipline of shifting the mind inward to witness itself through the body which contains it. Intention is the mental consumption of the vital nutrient that is the right perception. The right perception is the clear perception -- seeing the thoughts and feeling the sensations with the clarity of present moment awareness. 

Everything new is born from the olds. Intentions allow us to build our lives from the lessons we've learned. Past experiences make it possible to reduce the present action to its essential. We can do what works well because we know what didn't work so well. Intentions allow us to drop away the non-essentials so we can focus on the most important action now. This blog is written from the notes I've taken in the past early morning reflections. Last Sunday I filled up yet another yoga notebook. Intentions give integrity to actions. They are led by and lead to life affirming values. Those who come to my classes regularly most likely notice my notebook. Like the teaching, it is the manifestation of my intention. I hope it is as beneficial to you as it is valuable to me.