"The infinite source is an infinite dynamo, continually pouring strength, happiness and power into the soul." -- Paramhansa Yogananda

Whenever I complain about the hot weather my husband reminds me that I'm from Thailand. I, in turn, remind him that it was the reason for my moving to the US. The heat has always been challenging and climate change is very real to me. We don't have AC in our house. I avoid using it even in the car and twitch a little while observing how the energy is wasted--out through the doors of businesses and retails. I remember the feeling of uselessness in Thailand -- wanting to do so much but accomplishing so little. Burning out causes low productivity and vice versa. My happiness depends on generating a decent amount of creative output a day to earn me a good night sleep and even a nap in the afternoon. Productivity and growth go hand in hand. It feels like drowning if I don't do something worthwhile with my day everyday.

I have a big faith in tiny steps. Last year I had an art/yoga event and prior to it had worked on drawing almost daily for 11 months. I ended up with 60 illustrations. My current project is drawing 108 women who are participating in my book, Women in Yoga. The book requires hard work but is doable because I've done the illustration before and have been blogging since 2010. Yet, communication isn't normally my thing. I can go for weeks without checking emails. After 7 months of social media fast I still don't miss it at all. Connecting to the women takes a great deal of organization and it requires me to be relatable. These are skills to expand in order to grow as a yoga teacher and human being. A friend has asked about my intent on making the book. My answer was "personal growth". There are 3 major areas in life I want to expand.

  1. Relationship
  2. Arts (writing and drawing)
  3. Yoking the above with my yoga teaching 

One small thing leads to another and other things. Planning for a big project is overwhelming if you don't focus on one small act to do presently. Having a vision or a future goal to achieve gives a framework to what you need to do right now. My health and wellbeing depend on my capacity to grow creatively and spiritually. Growing creatively is reaching deeply to connect to your soul. Growing spiritually is allowing your soul to reach out and touch other souls and be touched deeply by them. Material growth is the reflection of personal growth and not the other way around.I'm pragmatic and scientific but I also have the Sun in Libra, the Moon in Scorpio, and the Soul Rising in Aries. My personal growth is living the intense passion and sensitive emotion through peaceful relationship that leads to greater beauty and grace. Let us live the unique meanings of our humanity and find tiny ways to grow in each other everyday.