Loving Mindfulness

"For one who attends properly to the liberation of the heart by benevolence, unarisen ill will does not arise and arisen ill will is abandoned." -- The Buddha

As I'm sipping the nourishing matcha tea and considering its calming yet clarifying properties I feel its sweetness--a yummy feeling in the chest. It releases the sleepy fog of early morning mental field. Many of my thoughts and beliefs have been dismantled by the new ones. And this is a wonderful thing. Otherwise, I'd be stuck in the same thoughts living the same state of mind. Thoughts aren't reliable or truthful. The space in which they roam is true and constant. This is the same space in which the feeling flows. Mind, heart, and body exist within the same space. In this space we experience all of ourselves. Throughout last week I instructed a practice combining Loving Kindness meditation with Mindfulness meditation. Loving Mindfulness is my personal practice. It allows me to live in the unified field. Though I sometime think ill thoughts about others they are seldom enough to keep me at ease. However, the lack of ill will doesn't equate good will. Loving Mindfulness cultivates good will towards all by centering the awareness on the tactile sensation in the heart space and allowing every other experience to fall into the same vibration. The most sensation we feel is inside the chest as it contains the heart and lung organs which generate the most movement. Movement creates friction. The more of it the more we feel and the more passionate we are. Compassion is the spaciousness in which the passion can come pass on. When the heart is constricted or the emotion is disconnected from the mind and body sensation there is no compassion. 

In this hybrid practice, instead of sending loving kindness to a particular person you allow the feeling inside the chest cavity to expand upward and touch any thought, image, or sensation in the head region during the first few or several inhalations. During the exhalations as you release the shoulders and chest allow the feeling to connect with the sensation in the pelvis, legs, and feet. After establishing the connection between the breath, feeling inside the chest, head, and lower body you can simply immerse in the global feel of connectedness without tracking your breath. The breath generates every feeling and sensation. Death is the absence of breath. No breath is no consciousness to enliven the mind, heart, and body. We can still live like a vegetable hooked up to a breathing machine. Without breath there is no personal experience and no meaningful reality. Each of us has a unique breath pattern. The current mood correlates to the present breath pattern. The mood correlates to a thought pattern. We feel a certain way and think a certain chain of thoughts. If we hold the thought pattern long enough it becomes our temperament or the state of mind. If we hold the temperament and continue to experience the same breath, mood, and thought patterns they become a personality--personal reality. Our personalities determine the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the work we do, the people we hang out with, and where we live. If you desire a healthier reality, are you ready to change your personality? Are you willing to look at the current thought and drop it, feel the vibration of your heart, and allow it to uplift or ground your mood every time you feel ill at ease? 

Though my deep core values (not social ethics) -- the actions that sooth the body and serve my soul haven't changed, my mind and its reflected personality have changed over time. There is no limit towards growth when it comes to the space of consciousness. When we're stuck in the sympathetic--fight/flight/freeze state we are in the field of problems. When we're stuck in the parasympathetic--rest/digest state we are in the field of no problem, hence no solution. Creativity requires both problems and solutions as one cannot exist without the other. We need both the inhalation--sympathetic engagement and exhalation--parasympathetic engagement. Receptivity allows us to maintain the flexibility and live in the field of solution. The more problems we have the more solutions we can find and the more creative we become. Solution is the combination of repair and growth. We workout to repair and build the muscle strength afterward. We work-in to rest and digest in order to be productive afterward. Which field are you in -- problem, no problem, or solution? Loving Mindfulness expands the field of the heart allowing us to operate in the optimistic field or the welcoming state. Optimism is a feeling. It is not a mindless positive affirmation. It is simply the willingness to receive the current experience, work with it, and welcome its future result whatever it may be. Loving Mindfulness cultivates optimism that is good will. Ill will is the mood and chain of thought that reflect ill health. Good will is the mood and mental state that reflect wellbeing. When we drop the personal realities that do not serve us we can meet heart to heart. As Rumi stated so beautifully:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.