"Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letter. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation." -- Alan Cohen

My birthday falls around Autumn Equinox which is between September 21 - 24 depending on the year when the daytime and nighttime are equal. It also falls on the first day of the Libra (scale/balance) sun sign. In Ayurveda my constitution is Vata/Pitta or Wind and fire (Fall and Summer) leading and the two elements are equally high. I'm feeling my balance has been tipped off. This isn't unusual to me. But I haven't experienced this level of physical depletion and sensory overload for a decade. I now meditate not so much to be more mindful or enlighten but to simply rest my eyes. It's the only effective remedy to ease off the twitching of my left eyelid. Yet, I've never been more joyful and appreciative of all the little and daily things in life. Life is a constant coping. And when you get really good at dealing with whatever you perceive to be difficulties you find freedom, meaning, and nutrient or love in every condition.

Not every situation has a silver lining. But every single experience changes to the next. Things are the way they are. And the way things are is duality. Within them are both negative and positive, darkness and light, yin and yang. You see a glass empty and I see it filled with space of possibility. We are both right. The difference is in the level of satisfaction and not the brief and fleeting kind. Which perception is more sustainably satisfying? Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday co-teaching a community event for women then had a lovely dinner with my husband. It was just a perfect day much like any other day yet completely unique and special. If we don't build the skill to sustain the sense of satiation we end up looking forward to better days. Fortunately, there are no better days without worse days so, we get to expand our perceptions through experiencing both. I say everyday is perfect. You say everyday is imperfect. How are we dealing with non-perfection?

Transformation requires a higher level of loosening and shakiness. If your humor is airy and fiery you will find that any transitional time such as the change from one season to the next, old job to the new, or one location to another is highly destabilizing. With my nerves jangled from the two trips to Thailand and the death of my dad and beloved dog I'm on a hyper-coping mode. The wind of change when stormy breaks down our bodies and blows away our hearts. I'm feeling the devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico literally inside me. Like the people there, I'm  now cleaning up, picking the pieces, and re-building. And like the land in these states my body continues to endure. The test of our ability to transform with change is in how we go forward and cope with uncertainty. I'm hopeful that though life doesn't get easier we can all get better at dealing with difficulties through each change that brings greater perception and enduring contentment. The seed of transformation is balance yet the sprouting of the seed is highly volatile. Can we give our seed of transformation a condition that allows us to thrive and grow the unique gift we already are?