Because the development of inner calm & energy happens completely within & isn’t dependent on another person or a particular situation, we begin to feel a resourcefulness and independence that is quite beautiful—and a huge relief.
Sharon Salzberg

Recently a friend treated me to a daylong excursion in the city. Our first stop was at the Legion of Honor museum. Klimt's and Rodin's were almost as captivating as the Lincoln Park and the foggy & drizzly weather. We had an excellent lunch at Marla Bakery before heading to the Golden Gate Park to visit de Young museum. Our perfect day in the city ended at the Japanese Tea Garden. I love the settings that combine social and cultural constructs with natural surroundings. I'm curious about what people find creative, valuable, superior or beautiful. I'm soothed by the greenery, earthy scents, and a large body of water. 

One of my new year's intentions is to explore more locales around where I live instead of dreaming about fancy trips or taking long distance travels that take a lot of time and are big expenses. Luckily, where I live offers all the things I love. Life is more interesting, places are more beautiful, and people are kinder in reality than in our expectations of them. We remember nightmares more than sweet dreams and negative comments more than positive ones. The subconscious is constantly keeping the body-mind ready for a combat. This is a wonderful gift of instinct if we know how to work with it. We're blessed with the awareness that when coupled with skillful reflection and relaxation allows us to tame the subconscious, transcend tension & limitation, and cultivate resourcefulness.

A huge part of my practice is remembering. The first thing I do in the morning is to write down an intention for the day. Intention helps me remember what my heart truly desires as the day wears on and the senses and mind are influenced by countless stimuli. Getting older too helps me slow down and provides extra gravitational force for grounding the mind in the body. Some of us are late bloomers. I'm happy to recognize the painfully slow transformation in myself. It is never too late to grow more comfortable and vital under your skin, more accepting of your feelings, and more liberated in your creative perception.

Like life itself yoga is a living, breathing, and changing practice. Perfection is death and you better let it go when you come upon it if you want to keep on living and growing into yourself. Relationships and experiences continue to shift and change. Be here fully to receive, give, and enjoy but do not expect them to last or go your way. Find all that you need in the things that bring you the changing experience. Resourcefulness is the ability to get to the source and find the constant nectar of life in its well. Once you receive the nourishment from the spring deep within yourself whatever come your way from the outside are extras -- more power, joy, freedom, and love to you. 

To cultivate resourcefulness ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. What feed your senses? My foods for the senses are nature in its natural habitats (no zoos or aquariums) and designs in every aspects of life from paintings to cuisines to architectures. Traveling takes me to them.
  2. What feed your mind? Writing and teaching yoga are all that I need right now to grow my creative vision.
  3. What feed you heart? Yoga and mindfulness build unity within my own conscience and cultivate love & understanding in my heart.
  4. What feed your body? A balance weekly physical routine and high fat & protein/no grain/little carb/high fiber foods keep my gut strong and the power of transformation optimum.
  5. What feed your soul? The capacity to relate and offer my service to others with clarity and distinction for all the roles I play as a partner, daughter, sister, friend, relative, yoga teacher, citizen and human animal fulfill my soul calling, purpose, and destiny.

May you find what you need to fulfill exactly what need you.