Love Yoga Light

Welcome to the new solar cycle! This will be the last blog post, though I try to not say never. Please read my thoughts and connect with me on Instagram if you find a balance way to interact on social media. I find this particular platform to be most suitable to create visual and written expressions, in spite of the distracting ♥︎ button.

Last year brought deep internal shift which expressed through external changes. I dropped four of the weekly classes to address the chronic stress on my right shoulder due too excessive hands-on assist. The opening time and space allow me to turn my focus on co-creating with other teachers at Love Yoga Light, and offer events which give greater spaces in-between the offerings to heal physically and regenerate creatively.

The healing space I have created for myself will enrich all of us. I hope you can practice with me in one or more of the four classes I offer as well as the monthly workshops and seasonal retreats with the Moon Sisters—the community of yoga teachers who are on this healing and learning journey with me.

Loving wishes to you and all.