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Lake Quinault & Hoh Rainforest: Private Women's Yoga Retreat

Hosted by Janya W., Asmita R., Nicole R., Charina C. Caro F. and Masha K.

The retreat includes the followings.

  • Daily Morning Mandala Flow Yoga with Janya & Nicole

  • Daily Evening Earth Medicine Yoga & Feminine Ritual with Janya & Charina

  • One 1-hour personalized healing treatment per individual with Janya & Asmita

  • A day excursion to Hoh Rainforest

  • Daily fresh, organic and consciously prepared Brunch & Dinner by Caro & Masha

  • Seattle Airport pickup and drop-off


“The (Olympic National) Park, in total nearly a million acres, is home to what may be the most complex ecosystem in the United States, teeming with big-leaf maples, lichens, alders, liverwoorts, Monkey flowers, licorice ferns, club mosses, herbs, grasses and shrubs of remarkable abundance. Today, thanks to federal protection, it is home to some of the largest remaining stands of old-growth forest in the continental U.S.” - Meghan O’Rourke, The New York Time Style Magazine


Nature is pleasure is healing is love. We’re deeply blessed to have an opportunity to immerse in ancient earth rich with medicinal vitality. My Earth Medicine sister, Asmita Runge, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, lives a couple hours away from this pristine land. She will be one of the hosts in the team to bring the women in our community to this healing space. If you wonder why we think this Rainforest can heal and guide us to wholeness, please read Lessons in Stillness From One of the Quietest Places on Earth at T Magazine. During this retreat you are invited to listen deeply to the spirit and cultivate a pathway of integration and healing amidst the lushness of the land and the healing feminine in the surrounding water and collective emotional resonance. You will leave the retreat circle drenched in the vital nectar of life bubbling up from within.

You will stay at a unique private two home estate located in the boundaries of the Olympic National Park on the shores of Lake Quinault. This is a wild, remote and pristine area where you can truly immerse in the healing properties of Mother Earth. You will practice daily on the spacious deck overlooking the spectacular lake view weather permitted. This rainforest region is drenched in vital life force so, come prepared for some raining Qi or Prana. Each day is an immersion in the healing circle practices. In addition to the daily group yoga and ritual you will receive a personalized body treatment to address your specific needs. Your meals will be made by hands with loving spirit. A sumptuous selection of teas, fruits, and snacks are available all day. We will take a one day excursion to Hoh, one of the largest rainforest in the United States. Protected from commercial exploits, this magical land, known as the most silent space to hear the pure sound of nature, can sooth and heal any overactive nerve, wearied body, and aching heart.


  • Single (one person in one room): $1,395

  • Double (two persons on two separate beds in one room): $1,095

  • Shared Double (two persons sharing one king or queen bed in one room): $895

*50% deposit is due on May 1, 2019. Full refund on or before May 1, 2019. 50% refund after May 1, 2019. No refund after June 1, 2019.

*The prices reflect the remoteness of the area where lodgings and transportations are sparse. They do not include airfare or car rental. We will email you a specific pickup time at the Seattle airport if you want to join the group ride to the retreat location (approximately 2.5-hour drive). There will also be a group drop-off — leaving the retreat at 12:00 noon and arriving at the Seattle airport approximately at 2:30 pm.

This intimate retreat is reserved for our yoga community to foster deep trust where real and raw emotions can lead to perma-bonding within and with each other. If you know one of the hosts and are interested in joining please contact or email This retreat is limited to 15 participants.