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Deep Rest Series: Kapha Dosha - An Ayurvedic Yoga Practice

Ayurveda is a nature based medicine which offers beautiful body rituals that deeply nourish the heart, purify the mind, heal the body, and unite the soul. The Kapha Dosha practice will balance excess Earth and Water elements by increasing Fire, Air, and Space attributes. Janya will combine the Ayurvedic oil therapy, aroma therapy, and healing touch in an extended Restorative Yoga session. You will learn how to balance the Kapha Dosha and create a daily sense ritual for yourself.

Enrollment is limited due to the close personal attention paid in the workshop to each participant. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to set up your props. Wear comfortable clothing and be advised that the oils may get on your hair and clothes.

$60 fees    

Register at or call 650.397.9779