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Samadhi: A Yoga Nidra Practice

  • Avalon Yoga 370 California Avenue Palo Alto, CA, 94306 United States (map)

Spend an afternoon nourishing your body and mind at the deepest level. Janya will offer a short talk on the subject before guiding you through a rejuvenative yoga sequence. The postural practice consists of gentle movement and long held floor poses designed to pressurize key areas of the body to release tension and stagnation allowing for a deep state of relaxation that is Yoga Nidra. Integral to the practice is Sankalpa or heartfelt intention to harmonize the future course of your action with the clear conscience of Samadhi.

Through a systematic guided meditation technique Yoga Nidra caters to your deepest neurological, physiological, and subconscious needs in a holistic manner. Janya will guide you to effectively release the overactive stress response state of consciousness and dive into a more calming brainwave. During the practice of conscious relaxation you will be invited to clearly see and let go of some long held behavioral learned patterns, allowing you to move into a deeper state of calm and meditation all the way to Samadhi, the non-differentiated state of being.

All levels of fitness are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes and arrive a few minutes early to set up the yoga props.

$60 fees

Register at or Call 650.324.2517