Cow Face Pose

1. Sit with one thigh crossed over the other bringing the top knee over the bottom knee.

2. Reach one arm and one arm down then draw the forearms toward the back spine bringing the fingertips toward each other. If possible hook the left and right fingers together.

3. Flex the ankle and press the thighbones down. Contract the abdominal muscle and draw the chest forward while pressing the sit bones down.

4. Bow the head down and if able rest the forehead on a block to relax the neck, skull, and shoulders.

5. Inhale into the tightness of the upper and middle back. Exhale to relax the chest, neck, and shoulders while pressing the navel up and expelling the air out. Hold the pose for 5 - 10 breaths before switching side.

Ekapada Koundinyasana II

One-Legged Sage Koundinya's Pose

1. Get into Ardha Matsyendrasana twisting the belly toward the top thigh then take a counter twist.

2. Lean forward and place the palms down shoulder width apart lining the wrists and spreading the fingers under the shoulders keeping the top thigh glued to the arm close to it (bringing the pelvis to rest on the opposite arm is optional).

3. Strongly contract the abdominal muscles and flex the ankles and toes while shifting the weight forward into the arms bringing the pelvis to rest on the opposite.

4. Keep the chest open and lifted by gazing forward a few feet away then stretch the legs straight away from each other.

5. Hold for 3 - 5 deep cycles of breath inhaling into the back of lungs and press the navel up while exhaling.

Parsva Bakasana

Side Crow Pose

1. Come into a squat then take a prayer twist pressing the elbow against the opposite leg and palms together.

2. Place the palms down on the ground keeping the wrist shoulder width apart spreading the fingers wide against the ground, stack the elbows over the wrists so that the forearms are vertical, and place the outer thigh and hip on the upper arms.

3. Lean forward to shift the weight into the arms while contracting the abdominal muscle, flex the ankles and spread the toes.

4. Keep the chest open by drawing the neck forward and gaze softly and steadily at the ground a few feet forward.

5. Hold the pose for 3 - 5 steady breaths before switching side.

6. Option: stretch the top leg forward and bottom leg backward to transition into Ekapada Koundinyasana I.