Supta Gomukhasana

Sleeping Cow Face Pose

1. Line down on one side resting the bottom ear over the bottom arm and reach the forearm down behind the head.

2. Bring the top arm down the side of the torso and reach the forearm up toward the back of neck.

3. Reach the left and right fingers toward each others as much as possible.

4. Keep the arms in the position while flipping the belly up to lie down on the back.

5. Bring the knees up and feet on the ground to cross one thigh (same side as the top arm) over the other. Release the knees down to one side (opposite direction from the top arm).

6. Relax the muscle throughout the body making sure the wrist and fingers are comfortable. Breathe in and feel the expansion of the inhalation from the belly to the chest. Breathe out and release the back spine to the ground. Maintain the pose for 3 - 5 minutes.

6. Options:

- Roll the face to the opposite side of the knees.

- Place the legs into Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle or Butterfly) instead of cross-legged.

Heart Melting

1. Get on all fours and place a block under the breast bone (if the chest reaches the ground there is no need to use the block). 

2. Place either the forehead down but  if the chest is close to or on the ground placing the temple down is safer and more comfortable in the neck. Extend the arms forward about shoulder width apart resting the forearms and palms on the ground

3. Keep the thigh bones hip width apart and somewhat vertical allowing the knees and the chest to release down completely and equally.

4. The chest, neck, and skull should feel light. The back spine is gently compressed while the front is gently stretched. 

5. Relax the belly. Feel the inhalation moves through the ribcage and the exhalation subtly hollows out the lower abdomen. Relax the entire muscular body and maintain the posture for 3 - 5 minutes.

Sitting Dragon

1. Get down on all fours.

2. Step one foot forward between the hands into a low lunge.

3. Place a block (or two) under the sit bone or the root of the front thigh, stack the shoulders over the hips, relax the muscular body allowing the pelvic floor muscle to soften and release the sit bone, front foot and back knee heavily against the solid supports.

4. Keep the front knee over the ankle, rest the hands on the front thigh, and release the elbows under the shoulders while distributing the body weight evenly through the front foot and the back knee.

5. Remain in the pose for 1 - 3 minutes while maintaining the mindfulness of breath and body then switch side.