Heart Melting

1. Get on all fours and place a block under the breast bone (if the chest reaches the ground there is no need to use the block). 

2. Place either the forehead down but  if the chest is close to or on the ground placing the temple down is safer and more comfortable in the neck. Extend the arms forward about shoulder width apart resting the forearms and palms on the ground

3. Keep the thigh bones hip width apart and somewhat vertical allowing the knees and the chest to release down completely and equally.

4. The chest, neck, and skull should feel light. The back spine is gently compressed while the front is gently stretched. 

5. Relax the belly. Feel the inhalation moves through the ribcage and the exhalation subtly hollows out the lower abdomen. Relax the entire muscular body and maintain the posture for 3 - 5 minutes.